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Krome Featured on Sippy Cup Mom – Nov 20, 2016

Writing for Sippy Cup Mom, Melissa blogs about everything from parenting to travel to life hacks to technology. In this post she shares her impressions on Krome: “I’m not the best photographer, especially when it comes to taking pictures of my kids. There’s been so many pictures that I’ve taken of them and then wished I had the skills to edit them

2 Wired 2 Tired Reviews Krome – Oct 21, 2016

Writing for 2 Wired 2 Tired, Tésa blogs about everything from family life to tech to giving back. In this post she shares her thoughts on Krome: “I absolutely love Krome Studio and can’t recommend it enough, especially to those who hate going to the photo studio or find it too costly.” Click here to read the whole review and to see all the photos Tésa kromed!

Popular Travel Blog declares Krome a MUST-TRY APP – Nov 8, 2016

Dr. Cacinda Maloney, popular travel blogger for Points and Travel, uses Krome to save her precious time editing the many images she acquires on her journeys. "Not only do they have professional editors to make your photos look amazing, but they can take your favorite photo and drop it into different backgrounds." Read the full article and see her Kromed images here.    

Our Ordinary Life suggests using Krome to create the Perfect Gift – Nov 1, 2016

Kristin, owner of Our Ordinary Life, uses Krome to take her images to the next level and praises Krome's imaginative designers. "What better way to give a gift than to give a gift of a photo that truly tells a story. I can transport my kids off into a fairytale world, create stunning backgrounds or just enhance photos that we’ve taken." Check out the full

Lifestyle Blogger, Sheri McDonald, has Fun with Krome! – Nov 18, 2016

Sheri, Blogger for Kidsumers, takes Krome for a spin. "There are so many great backgrounds to choose from and you can also browse the gallery to see some of the incredible edits they have done." Read about her experience and see the full set of images she Kromed here.

Family Blog, What’s That Smell?, Blown Away by Krome – Nov 23, 2016

Kim, who runs the blog What's That Smell, has great things to say about Krome. With tons of images on her camera roll with less than desirable backgrounds, she praises Krome as a service that quickly and affordably transforms those images into frame-worthy. "I couldn’t even envision it looking that good, I was so excited when I saw it!" Read her write up and see the

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